The signs were everywhere.

Do you ever feel like you are missing something in your life? I did for quite sometime. Then I started finding hearts everywhere I went. Talk about receiving a sign from above. Now I collect them. There are no words for the elation I feel with each new discovery. Some are small enough to bring home. Others are so large a picture will have to do. These are only a handful from my personal collection.

There was a time in my life when I felt empty. I was very lonely, stuck in a deep dark pit. I felt unloved and incapable of giving love. Thank Heaven above, I was surrounded by a many loving and caring people who were able to pull me out of the abyss I had stumbled into. Sign number one – someone who noticed and took action to rescue me. Sign number two – the overwhelming love and healing sent my way. Sign number three to infinity – hearts, Hearts, HEARTS wherever I went. Heart shaped clouds appeared in the big blue sky; the burnt, heart shaped stump of a tree I found in Glacier National Park. The summer before our trip a wildfire had ravaged the area. If this majestic forest could rise from the ashes, then so too could I.

  • Charred stump after wildfires ravage Glacier National Park.

The signs were everywhere. I just had to open my eyes and my heart to receive them.

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