Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Dog!

Welcome to the Year of the Dog!

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It has been said that I live in my very own time zone or universe even. I suppose this could be true, but I am much happier for it. I am not Chinese, yet their calendar seems to resonate with me like no other can. It flows with the lunar cycles. Our entire natural world moves within these cycles and as a woman, my body does too.

In 2018, the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, begins on February 16th and ends on March 2nd. What a way to welcome the New Year than with a celebration lasting several weeks heralding Spring. It signals the awakening of our earth, starting anew, the breath of life returning to a slumbering world. It is a time to sweep away the old, the stagnant, and any ill-fortune and to make way for the incoming good.

In the western world, the new year is a time to make resolutions for the coming year. I dislike making resolutions. The word denotes such rigidity. I am not fond of setting myself up for disappointment; instead I prefer to set goals. Goals can be broken up into steps. Steps I can achieve and feel good about attaining even when I do not realize the full goal.

My goals are:
• to let go
• to slow down
• to be more kind

During a session to read my chakra system, Kathy of Johnathin’s Treasures, only confirmed what I had instinctively known but was unaware of, or neglected to see. While my upper chakras were bright, vibrant, and strong, I was no longer grounded. I had lost connection to the earth from whence I came.

Being raised mostly on a farm, I always plant a garden each Spring. I enjoy digging in the dirt, planting seeds, watching things grow and relish the bounty of harvest time. Suddenly, I realized I had not taken the time to plant a garden last year. Not even to plant flowers, as a feast of beauty for my eyes.

Without the closed circuit or loop, the energy can not flow freely. I was functioning within my purpose but not at full capacity.

I am always in a hurry or running behind. I try to get others taken care of and leave little or no time for myself. I shovel fast food in my face because I am too exhausted to prepare something and have nothing more nutritious on hand. The result, at times I can be easily flustered or harried; I become dehydrated and fatigued, falling into bed exhausted only to awaken not quite refreshed.

In short, I was not taking the time to refill my well and a dry well can quench no ones thirst.

Back to my goals…

I will let go of old wounds forgiving those who have hurt me and forgiving myself for letting me down, for ignoring my needs, and for those ‘not so good’ decisions I have made in the past. I will let go of keeping to the schedule and striving to fulfill what I perceive as being expected of me.

I will slow down, follow the path set before me and enjoy the journey.

I will be kinder to myself. I will listen to this body, nurture and care for it. I will fortify my spirit. I will plug in, reconnect and be mindful to maintain that connection.

Whether you choose to make resolutions or set goals, do not lose sight of yourself. Take the time to keep your own well overflowing so you may continue to refresh others.

I wish you many Blessings & a Bountiful New Year!

Be blessed, be happy, be well my friends.

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