Buyer Beware, you get what you pay for.

This leads me to a rant… KNOW what you are looking for!

Recently, at an expo in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I had the chance to speak with another vendor whom I greatly respected as a crystal authority. She conducts crystal seminars at many expos. She also teaches crystal healing certification classes for some big bucks.

Now I do not claim to be a geologist or a crystal authority. I love the ancient, unusual, natural gifts that our earth has to offer as well as pretty rocks. I know the attributes of my favorite stones and crystals. It’s only been in the past six years that I have delved into the qualities of the Gypsum crystalline forms, particularly Selenite. This search was out of necessity, which by the way gives me an idea for a future post. Sorry Guys, you will just have to wait.

I am frequently asked about other crystals and stones while we are at shows. I decided it was time to further my crystal education.

As I browsed the crystal book section of her booth, she approached me. I was THRILLED, at the time, that this woman had come up to me. As was usually the case, our conversation came round to Selenite. She pointed out her selection of Selenite. I hated to tell her, it was not Selenite. It was actually another crystalline form of Gypsum, Satin Spar. Side by side, one could never be mistaken for the other. Stay tuned for another future post,  Selenite 101.

Gypsum information on
FYI...Satin Spar is also known as 'Moroccan Selenite'.

This sparked a heated response and basically a one sided debate. She said “Gypsum is gypsum”. As I tried to explain to her what I have discovered in four years of research specifically into gypsum crystals, she angrily growled in my face, “I’m a GEOLOGIST!” Then she spun on her heels and stormed away.

I’m not sure if I were more stunned by her behavior or appalled by the fact that she knowingly sells an inferior product to her clients and show customers, touting misleading information.

This leads me to a rant… KNOW what you are looking for! When you research crystals or stones, please, Please, PLEASE!!!, check out geological sites as well. They are a wealth of information and will help you identify exactly what you are purchasing. Dyed Howlite is most commonly passed off as Turquoise and heat treated Amethyst as Citrine.

Gem Rock Auctions video on how to tell the difference between Turquoise and dyed Howlite. article on treating Amethyst.

Although they may be just as beautiful, their attributes can be quite different from the stone you think you are purchasing. Having been duped in the past myself, this is one of my pet peeves. It is even worse when sellers knowingly pass them off as the real thing.

Be educated. Be happy, be well, be blessed my friends.


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Featured Photo: Selenite vs Satin Spar - these are pieces from my personal collection.

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Howlite vs Turquoise via: Gem Rock Auctions

Treated Amethyst via: Geology In

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2 thoughts on “Buyer Beware, you get what you pay for.”

  1. Thanks for a great article! I’m brand new and if it werent for articles like yours who knows what i wouldve bought despite trying to be cautious. It’s appalling how immoral everyone is. Bunch of liars. I don’t agree these people selling in stores, trade shows, or online are ‘just uneducated’. If you don’t label the product truthfully that makes you a liar. Plain as that. At least have a label stating what it is and let the customer chose if they want to buy it. Ignorance is no excuse when you can learn to tell what’s counterfeit. I guess it is up to the buyer to educate themselves. But if a ‘supposed geologist’ (prove it, right?!) says ‘this is real’ who can you trust to learn the truth? The red flag here appears to be her selling extremely expensive classes to certify some hippie in healing. What makes her an expert in something intangible when she can’t even discern the tangible?! Can you imagine a bank employee staying employed when they can’t even tell real money from a counterfeit? ! Best to join a reputable local rock hound club and learn from people who are not in it to take your money for metaphysical crap. It seems nobody believes they will be held accountable for lying and misleading people.

    1. Wow, some strong words there, but I have to agree. Thanks for the props. BTW, I deal in the metaphysical world. It’s not all crap but there are unscrupulous people in all lines of work that take advantage of the trusting and unsuspecting. I also enjoy the sciences. I love when science backs up the intangible. Take care and always do your homework first!

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