What’s with the toes?

No. I don’t have a foot fetish.  While I may not always remember the exact location, it will bring back the memories of the moment and remind me that I was there. My original selfies, before selfies were selfies. As my children will attest, I am horrible at taking selfies. They are working diligently to change this. I still prefer my original selfies.

Where was that picture taken? 
This is asked so often that it has it’s own page.

What is your favorite Crystal?

How did Cherry get her name?
My grandson, Joey, names all the vehicles. My son-inlaw proposed Lipstick. I said she is cherry red. There is a song called Cherry Bomb.Joey pronounced the truck ‘CherryBomb’. It’s a good name for her.
(Joey named my husbands truck ‘Hotdog Water’. )

To Be Continued…