Bucket List

Island Treasure Hunt
Jekyll Island, Georgia

Island Treasures Hunt via Jekyll Island Georgia

In the early 1990’s fishermen used glass floats on their nets. Occasionally the floats would break free and be washed ashore. With the switch to plastic floats in the 1950’s, the glass floats became a rare find and highly sought after.

Each year, January through February, the Jekyll Island Authority hosts an Island Treasures event. Artists are chosen from around the country to create one of a kind pieces, reminiscent of the glass floats once used on fishermen nets. Volunteers, called Beach Buddies hide floats daily for lucky beachcombers to find and keep.  I know where I’ll be next January!


Return to Avalon

  • Cloud Walking Santa Catalina Island
  • Beach glass hunting


Mine a Herkimer Diamond


Sledding the Selenite Dunes via NPS

White Sands National Monument

  • Sledding the gypsum selenite dunes
  • Full Moon hiking / biking
  • Backcountry camping
  • Visit during a meteor shower



Return to Crater of Diamonds – A girl can never have enough diamonds.


Visit our continents glaciers


List of Glaciers in the U.S.A.


Cueva de los Cristales  Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico

The Cave of the Giant Crystals in Naica, Mexico has the most amazing Selenite crystals ever found on earth. Due to the course of nature, soon it will be lost to us, if it hasn’t been already.  Although I could still visit the area, I may have to move this to my “After” Bucket list.


Dr Pepper Museum – Waco, Texas

I’m a Pepper!

This is a “Just because I can!” item.

We’re a tad bit crazy, but we always have a good time.