Hello! My name is Catherine but, you may call me Cat. I hail from the Mid West, deep in the heart of farm country. I traveled quite a bit with my Mom and Dad as a child and have never lost that sense of wanderlust. I love adventure, exploration and discovering new things.

I have been collecting “pretty rocks” since childhood. I would pick up rocks in fields while searching for arrowheads.

A Selenite crystal from New Mexico. A Crystal Healers dream stone.
Selenite crystal from New Mexico.  A Crystal Healers dream stone.

Our Traveling Tribe consists of my granddaughter Katherine, my daughter Jenni, Bean and myself.

Cat and Kat in the selenite mine.
Cat and Kat in the selenite mine.

Kat, an aspiring volcanologist, is home-schooled so the world is our classroom.  She is accomplished in Jiu Jitsu, loves rocks, playing with energy, and wolves.

I took her on her first cross country road trip at the tender age of 3 months. We’ve never looked back.

Jen Somewhere In America
Jen Somewhere In America

Besides being a self-professed “Selenite Junkie”, Jen is a behavioral therapist who works with autistic children.  She is an intuitive healer, Reiki practitioner, and owner of Joyful Emergence  an Alternative & Holistic Health Service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

As for me, I tend to be a wandering healer.  I spend a majority of my time on the road so I don’t hang a shingle in any one location.  Those in need shall cross my path when the time is right.

We are blessed to have the ability to roam the continent searching for adventure collecting treasures wherever we go.

If I had a nickel for every time someone said “Take me!” or “I want to go with you next time!”, I’d be…, well I would have a LOT of nickels.

  • First of all, you wouldn’t all fit in my truck.  I have room for Bean, the crew, equipment and gear necessary for the journey.
  • Second, your lives are so busy that your schedule would not allow it.  Many times an overnight becomes an all week adventure, especially when we happen upon an unexpected must do or see type of thing.
    Some adventures just require more time.

Here you can get a peek into some amazing places as you follow along on our adventures.  Go ahead, dare to dream your own dreams.  Choose your own adventures, plan your own journey. and plot your course.

Find your passion. Live it!