A Boy and his Shark Teeth

It was too beautiful a day, to be stuck in the house.

It was too beautiful a day, to be stuck in the house.  I asked my grandson, Joey, what kind of fossil he wanted to hunt. “SHARK TEETH!”, Continue reading “A Boy and his Shark Teeth”


KetoRiffic , you heard it here first!  I can’t wait to share my latest adventure but I’m still experimenting  and not quite ready to go live with it. Here is a hint, I am staying true to the goals I set for myself this year. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon…




Buyer Beware, you get what you pay for.

This leads me to a rant… KNOW what you are looking for!

Recently, at an expo in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I had the chance to speak with another vendor whom I greatly respected as a crystal authority. Continue reading “Buyer Beware, you get what you pay for.”

Beachcombing Driftwood Beach

The haunting beauty had captured my attention.

Arriving in town for graduation, with only a few precious hours to spend, I knew that the one sight I had to see for myself was the ancient driftwood forest of Jekyll Island. Continue reading “Beachcombing Driftwood Beach”